Plants in the Air

Handmade macrame hangers for plants, stuffed animals, or even soccer balls! Since they hang from above, they do not take up a lot of space and provide your home a cool and fun look! --------------------------------------------------------- Our previous successful PCBF business was “ Nice Like Rice” and we sold Japanese Mochi and Rice Balls. For this year we are exploring something different… During the pandemic, the Elephant Ears in our back yard kept growing new ones and did not stop! We needed to transplant these little plants to a better space, so we made macrame hangers and painted the pots. Our neighbors loved the products, and thus our new business was launched! Kento, the kindergartner, designs the plant pots and takes care of the Elephant Ears. Koto, the 4th grader, makes macrame plant hangers by hand and decorates the plant pots. 10 % of our profits will go to "Pensacola Humane Society " to help the animals there. And another 10% goes to our school to buy more books for the students.

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